Housekeeping Services / Maintenance Service

Our Housekeeping Services and Building Maintenance Services are particularly concentrated on ‘Total Quality Management (TQM)’. We have a highly specialized and experienced team. Our Staff will work in close co-ordination with our clients to deliver services in exact accordance to international standard and up to their specifications. Also we assure that our Housekeeping services and Building Maintenance services will be environment friendly and we maintain a close relationship with our clients that lead to a mutual benefit and Business prosperity. We provide services by Latest Methods and well-trained House keeping personnel with pleasant working environments.

We understand the significance of proper cleaning, maintenance and hygiene of premises. Whether it is an industrial unit, commercial complex, office, clubhouse; cleaning and hygiene are salient factors. To achieve this we have evolved a basic programme of our Housekeeping services and Building Maintenance services, which involves the following activities carried out everyday with eight hours of regular work.

  • 1. Thorough cleaning of allocated premises. Sweeping and moping of all floor area on continuous basis with quality cleaning materials manufactured by the reputed companies.
  • 2. Thorough cleaning/sweeping of the open spaces Cleaning of Dust, Cobwebs as and when requires.
  • 3. Cleaning of glass panes, furniture, partitions, corridors, walls and mopping floors/surfaces prone to the accumulation of dust.
  • 4. Cleaning of the toilets, rest rooms and other utility areas with regular intervals and thus maintaining the overall hygiene of establishment.
  • 5. Upkeep of all ceramic fittings and providing disinfectant materials and air purifiers for wash area and washbasins.
  • 6. Disposing the garbage collected in premises systematically with regular intervals.
  • 7. Any other cleaning job as per the instruction from the Sr. Officers / Managers / Office In-Charge etc.

Housekeeping Services Personnel

Utmost care is taken in recruiting the right people for Housekeeping Services, who have basic education, good physique / family back ground and pleasing manners. Proper police verification is done. References are cross verified.

The Housekeeping services helpers are well trained under able / experienced supervisors on site and further subjected to daily supervision for quality and efficient service on site all the time.

We have in house training, sessions given by Field Experience operational Managers, which enables our work force in orienting especially new and fresh ones. Besides this in Housetraining our Housekeeping services work force is put on site where training is given by senior field supervisors for a period of one or two months. This enhances the confidence of unskilled workers. Training is not compromised and the primary focus on skill enhancement leads to better service delivery at various client bases.

Dress Code

All Housekeeping services Helpers / Supervisors are provided with Uniforms / Shoes as per the Principal Employers choice and requirements.

Housekeeping Materials

We use the best cleaning Materials manufactured by reputed companies only such as Hindustan Lever, Balsara, Godrej etc., and as per the request of Principal Employers.

We use Housekeeping equipment / machinery full lace wigs such as Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Floor / Road cleaning. Our Housekeeping services people are well trained to use the equipment.

Personalised Services

In addition to the daily supervision by our regular Site supervisors; our Public Relation Officers visit the clients periodically to ensure customer satisfaction, which includes personal interaction for implementation of new methods, concepts and suggestions to improve services.

Cleaning, Scrubbing and Polishing of Indian / Italian / White Marble and Granite Floor, Vinyl Floor, Wooden Floor, Kota Ladi.

Cleaning, Polishing, or grinding, our Housekeeping services staff has the experience and knowledge to ensure proper techniques are followed to allow for the maximum quality that Granite and marble floors provide. We assure you best of service using the Mechanized cleaning on Marble and Granite.

Carpet Sofa & Chair upholstery Shampooing / Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is areas of service where we have the experience and expertise to provide unsurpassed quality. We provide Carpet Vacuum Cleaning, Shampooing and Wet Drying of Carpet using the advanced technology equipments. Our team is especially skilled people in this field to follow specific, detailed service procedures that keep your carpets in optimum condition. We also provide Sofa / Chair / upholstery Vacuum cleaning, shampooing and wet human hair uk drying.

Pantry Services

The Pantry Boys will do the pantry job i.e. Preparation of tea & coffee manually or by vending machine etc. The above boys will also serve water, snacks etc. as per the instruction of Office In-Charge from time to time.

Electrical / Plumbing / Carpentry Services

We Provide Electrical Plumbing and Carpentry Services for Offices, Campus, Industries and Multi Storied Building, By Employing Well-Experienced Professionals